Photography Workshops

Each month Bstyle host photography workshops and 1-2-1 tutorials to help, inspire and educate those who attend in the world of studio photography, from lighting to framing and from techniques to shooting everything is covered from one month to the next. Workshops are the perfect way to learn specific and general skills, so at Bstyle we use our photography studio hire to hold relaxed classes that will teach and give those who attend an edge on their competition.

Every month our photography workshops have a great turn out, with people who are trying to develop their skills and others who are only just starting out. These workshops are for fine tuning and getting started, so no matter where you are in your career it is always useful to have a workshop that can help you in areas you are not too familiar in.

Here is some feed back we got from our very first session:

“Great studio & Facilities. Excellent equipment. Thank you”

-Paula Cooper

“Really enjoyed todays session. Cant wait to do more”

-Izzie Derry

So if you need help with anything related don’t hesitate to check out our workshops. We also offer photography studio hire, so if you would rather have one to one sessions in the studio to create a more unique and personal image. For more information about our workshops or to arrange a meeting to discuss your ideas please contact us on 02476 444 438 or email us on