Personal Trainer Photography Shoot

Our most recent project was a photography shoot for personal trainer, Matt Hurcombe. Matt is a level three qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor who is also able to take a variety of gym classes such as spin and circuits and offers advice on nutrition. In his spare time Matt embraces his passion of sport and enjoys keeping active by attending the gym and playing golf.

This shoot was at the Forest Of Arden Marriott Hotel and Country Club, where Matt works, which was a fantastic location to shoot at, allowing for amazing open shots using natural lighting, and adding a sense of activity and energy, although this shoot was outdoors and in a specific location, we offer photography studio hire for headshots and other photographs ready for business professionals. we tried to focus on getting shots that portrayed his variety of skills and qualifications, such as his ability to take a variety of classes and also do individual training. We created the images with the intent of developing a professional look for Matt, as he asked me to advance his fitness photography along side some personal training photography.

With the shots being outside it created a different and challenging scenario for us, and helped us advance and build our on location photography, never the less we enjoyed being out of the studio and the challenge allowed us to progress and get some really great action shots for Matt. These shots asked for a different shooting style including different camera setting and less stationary photography. Having photographs like these and taking them allowed us to show how the dynamic of a level three qualified personal trainer. We created a set of photographs that shows how a personal trainer works and how dedicated they are to working with the client.

Below are the finished images of Matt taking a personal training session and also enjoying his hobbies.

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