Modeling Photography shoots

Recently at Bstyle Photography Studio Coventry we have done two different model photography shoots, both of which the model was looking to boost their portfolio and have something different so they could stand out from the rest of the crowd. This photoshoots were both very different have have completely different feels about them. This first shoot was is the shoot with snakes.

This shoot was like nothing we had done before and with it came an interesting dynamic and shooting style as you can imagine looking at the final images. The model, Ben, was working towards building his portfolio and we felt that to have something with life in the image gave it a depth and meaning unlike any other, and this showing that the model was capable of different shoots and techniques.

Secondly we had a slightly less venomous shoot, this second shoot, although it didn’t have any living reptiles, it was slightly different from the usual model shoots. It consisted of the model, Nicole, being dressed entirely in vibrant pink including long velvet gloves and a huge head piece, which you would imagine was the center and main focus of the shoot but no. She was posed with a artistic plastic pink Crane like bird. This gave the shoot a little challenge as it had to focus and bring forward all of the items and points in the frame.

Have a look for yourself, we had great fun shooting both of these as they were both so different and challenging.

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